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Hildegard Brandl

Membru din: 21 November 2014

  • Calitatea în comunitate: Membru
  • Compania: Unith2B Architecture Bucharest
  • Funcția: Managing Partner
  • Industrie: Arhitectura
  • Expertiza: Business Strategy; Strategic Planning; Negotiation
  • Oraș: București
  • Implicat in proiecte:

  • Biografie

    I left Romania when I was just 5 years old and returned in 1995 for one year to study Architecture at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture. After finishing my architectual degrees in Germany, Dortmund practicing as an architect a couple of years before leaving for a 5 year long stay in Venezuela founding my 1st Architecture Studio overseas.

    I returned to Europe in 2009 and chose Romania to found my european Architecture Studio in Bucharest.
    I became active as an entrepreneur volunteering within the Romanian Business Leaders projects and activities and as well as becoming an active member of the German Chamber of Commerce.
    Being active as a volunteer in projects that I believe can help shape Romanias future and sharing my time for the benefit of the country i live and work within is an entrepreneurs responsability. We drive economy and therfore we need to participate in driving progress and a predictable framework for the business environment and our fellow citizens.

    I strongly believe that Romania needs its expertise, civic culture and experience to be boosted by the
    know-how, international exposure and alignment with global standards of the Diaspora. We all know that, only if we join forces, we can accelerate the much needed change of Romania.

    I have expertise in fields such as planning, architecture, project management

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