ScaleOut Hungary: Go-to-Market Programme for Romanian companies

ScaleOut Hungary: Go-to-Market Programme for Romanian companies

Romanian Business Leaders will organize the ScaleOut program between March 21 and May 1, 2022. Through mentoring, expertise, and access to networking, the educational program supports 5 Romanian companies to internationalize on the Hungarian market 🇭🇺.

Entrepreneurs and managers from companies that want to expand in Hungary are invited to join the ScaleOut program.

We have a five 6-weeks Market-Entry program ready for you when you meet government officials, diplomats, experts needed for international expansion, and local people prepared for helping you in the Hungarian business journey. The program is free, remote, online and implies at least one weekly workshop and business meeting. Join us and register here

⚖️ Legal and Financial setup

👥 HR&Recruitment

💡 Insights from experienced founders who succeeded

🖥️ Sales

🖋️ PR & Media

🏛️ Business Diplomacy

🤝 Local accelerators and Ecosystem Builders

🏢 Office Options

💰 Funding and bankers

The programme helps Romanian companies prepare for and execute their market entry to Hungary. In the next months we will organize other programs dedicated to other specific target markets. We teach you the foundations of scaling successfully in your target markets.

The programs are for Romanian companies that are ready to scale internationally. During the six weeks, you will get hands-on insights on growing your business in Hungary with our partners and a local network.

Join us and register here

We aim to help Romanian companies overcome their mental barriers by putting them in a structured interaction (including face-to-face discussions) with people/startups/scaleups from different business cultures. We want to change mentalities through our platform of exchange. We will offer Romanian entrepreneurs the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs in the target markets, understand foreign business opportunities, and find more accessible partners, clients, and suppliers through internationalization. Also, ScaleOut provides know-how, studies, and information about business opportunities abroad.


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